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Alexis |

Makes life so much easier!

Makes life so much easier! i don't have to listen to my nephew ask a thousand times for me to pick up his toy that he dropped while we are driving...which is unreachable...the catchie keeps it all close so any passenger can just reach for it...3 year olds may talk a lot but they still are learning patience! after a messy day in the car i like to unclip it and shake out all the crumbs in the grass =] i've had it for about 4 months, and the fabric used is really nice quality, even though it isn't machine washable i don't care because the waterproof top is really easy to wipe clean with a baby wipe. great buy!

Gwen keefe |

Great baby shower gift

I bought this for my friend who is having a baby next month. she likes to keep her car clean and i bought the catchie for her. i think she would appreciate it very much as it will keep her car clean and organized. i wish i had one when my kids were babies. my car is ruined from 2 babies who were always throwing things on the floor. the product is as described very study and well made to last a very long time. i like how it's waterproof and can wash easily. my friend can use it as a mat later when her baby is older to keep the carpet clean. i'm debating if i should get one when we finally get a new car and put it over the carpet. i highly recommend it :)

Socal |

This works wonderful! no more crumbs and junk on the ground ...

This works wonderful! no more crumbs and junk on the ground and don't have to find the missing bottle:) this is my baby shower gift i give!