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1978 Vintage Wonder Woman Children's Scissors

Elizabeth bilodeau |

Love them. came on time

Thank you. love them. came on time. my dad is a huge linda carter fan. these are great for a collector or someone with a sense of humor. they are not intended for regular use.

Samantha collins |

Great gag gift

I got this as a gag gift for one of my best friends, and it looks exactly like the picture. this is a novelty toy item, so while it does technically work as scissors, the blades are dull and only about an inch long. they are standard childrens scissors, like youd find in an elementary or primary class room. hands down though, for the price, you can't beat this. its a hilarious pair of scissors, and is getting quite popular on a "yet another unattainable body standard for women" tumblr post. they came in a little plastic baggy for me, so i am not sure how much of a collectable they are, but this sure was a great laugh.