Brand : 1byone

1byone Adjustable Attic / Outdoor TV Antenna Mounting Pole Universal Wall Mounts / Brackets (1.65" Diameter Mount Pipe), 19" Arm Length, Easy to Install, Solid Structure, Weather Proof

Scott d |

Preformed better than the indoor antenna i bought

Preformed better than the indoor antenna i bought.i was pleasantly surprised .when i put it together,i just sat it down next to my tv, just like i did with the indoor one.i got twice as many channels,without even putting it outside.i eventually did put it outside,but the point is for the price of 29.99,its a better performer inside than an similarly priced indoor ones.might not be as this product worked for me.80 mile range might be suspect,but its priced like a 40-60 mile antenna,and it definitely works great at that range.

Ol' reg |

Works great for cord-cutting

Cord cutters delight. we were done with the huge cable bill and all those channels we never watched but for which we paid. did some research and thought i'd try this unit as a beginner's option. turns out it kicks butt. we (in la) receive about 155 channels, 46 in english and the hd signal on over the air hd channels is, in my opinion, even better than the picture we were getting on fios, fiber optic cable. this and an amazon fire tv stick, along with a little time on youtube and you won't ever miss that cable company except on billing day. i should note that i had to replace the cables that the cable company had put all over the house. there is some kind of inline filter that kept many low number channels from coming in. i bought a bunch of upgraded cable and now get everything.

Tim meehle |


Very pleased with this. i'd tried the flat panel type, but in our area, we got 3 channels. with this one, we get 60+ things to remember.. 1.. if you don't have a tuner in your tv, you'll need one. 2. use the websites listed in the reviews to know where to aim your antenna. use a compass, or the compass app in your phone. 3. be careful on the ladder. i was careful. you be too. update - hurricane irma. the antenna survived (barely) a tree falling on it and the subsequent removal. a few of the prongs? were knocked off, and yet the antenna still works with only minimal drop in quality. i've ordered a replacement, and it'll get installed tomorrow. would i but this again? i already did.