Brand : Kevin Costner

3 Days To Kill [Blu-ray and Digital HD]

P. pietz |

Surprisingly entertaining

Good balance of action, drama, suspense, comedy and love. we thoroughly enjoyed this movie! highly recommend! kevin costner did a great job.

B. snyder |

C''s kevin costner!

Such a powerful story about family, love and doing the right thing....and of course it's kevin costner!

A. lynn bowman |

Great fun for all

When i first saw a listing for this movie i thought it would be the usual "same old, same old" action snoozer. after renting it i knew i had to add this to my dvd collection. from the first second the movie starts with a shootem up action sequence i was hooked. the thing that made me love this movie was it immediately switched to comedic problems for costner's character and onto a charming and warm story about costner and his daughter. then enters the mysterious women to add to costner's troubles. as the stories play out there is action, intrigue, comedy, and a warmth to capture the audience.