Brand : 303 Products

303 (30340) Marine UV Protectant Trigger Sprayer, 16 Fl. oz.

Glocker |

I like it! i bought it!!!

I was attending a mustang car show and the guy in the car next to me was trying to hawk this stuff to anybody that's listen. i was actually getting annoyed with him, as i was trying to do some final detail on my car to get it ready for judging and all he seemed to want to do is sell me the 303 stuff out of his trunk. when i was getting ready to apply another brand's tire shine to my car, he stopped me and told me to try his 303 stuff. he gave me a small bottle of the 303 aerospace protectant and told me i could just spray it on the tires. i elected instead to spray it onto a new clean tire shine applicator sponge and wipe it onto the tire surface. i fell in love with it instantly!!!!!! it cleaned up my oily (from previous applications of tire shine) tires and made them look clean without that greasy appearance you usually get from tire shine products. i was also able to use it to clean and shine my finder spats, which had gotten dirty on the drive to the show. it didn't even really take that much of the stuff to make the tires look good. i liked it enough to buy a container of it from the guy, and it will ride in my kit of stuff to clean up my car at the next car show.

J woodruff |

Like it...

It works, does a great job, and has the uv 40 rating. the 303 isn't as slippery feeling as the mequiar's, smells better and comes in several different sizes. the 32oz is a better buy then the 16oz, and the gallon is a really great buy. just be sure to save your orginal spray bottle. i bought the 303 to use on my soloflex weight straps as it is recommend by soloflex, to stop the oxidation process. mequiar's is recommend also. the weight straps are a dense rubber composite and the 303 is working great. there are no warnings on the 303 stating various items not to use it on, as are listed on the mequiar's. so i have used it on the soloflex bench and the rockit bench and footrest, no issues. it may do a wonderful job on dashboards, but i haven't tried it. soloflex only suggests using 303 aerospace protectant or meguiar's m40 vinyl and rubber cleaner/conditioner as preventive maintenance. they however don't tell you how to do it. there isn't anything enclosed with my new replacement weight straps regarding maintenance or treatment of the rubber. makes me wonder how they control aging of their stock. since the straps are made of a dense-hard rubber compound, they aren't porous. to my way of thinking, just spraying the protectant on and wiping it off, doesn't give you the best bang for your buck. so i have been soaking them for several days in the protectant, in a lock-n-lock container. these containers are air tight, keeping the protectant from becoming thick and jelly like. i turn the straps once a day. this is another reason i like the 303 in the gallon size. if your straps are very old the protectant will turn black as the oxidation is washed off. then i wrap them individually in cloth and store them in another lock-n-lock container. could also spray a light coat of protectant on each strap before wrapping. for very long term storage i'm thinking of vacuum sealing the straps in my food saver vacuum bags. no air, no oxidation. and since the pours would be forced open do to minus atmosphere, more protectant should be forced in. since my soloflex and rockit are old and hadn't been used in years, and i wasn't aware the straps needed treatment, four of them broke first use after coming out storage. all (10, 5, 2.5#) broke in about the same place, a short distance from the plastic ring, going toward the center of the strap. there is a suspicious looking round spot in the center of each break, looks more like a molding imperfection then an aging issue. all of the new replacement straps look, feel and smell different then the broken straps and those that haven't broken, but are now treated. soloflex told me the compound was the same, go figure. i'm treating all my straps, new and old. i want to pass the soloflex equipment onto my grandkids, with usable straps. the reason i started using the soloflex again, should of never stopped, my surgeon wanted me doing leg extensions to aid the rehabilitation process of my year old tka. i had been using the rockit without straps, but have since started adding straps. has made a world of difference, especially with the breaking up of the scar tissue. only time will tell... may your rubber always be protected...

Jason |


Great product for any tarp application. i've use this product regularly and will continue to use it. you should too!