Brand : Stephen Arterburn

5 Minute New Testament: NLT1

Allison e. faulkner |

Well done - perfect for the busy

Something uniquely great about this new testament: the author manages to break the chapters down to one topic each (and still include the entire scripture). for those of us who are busy, it's easy to get lost digesting too many topics when reading through scripture. what is fantastic about this new testament is that arterburn precedes each section with an introductory question to set the background for the topic. following the text, a probing follow up question is presented, provoking meditation, thought and prayer. each reading should take no more than five minutes, yet succeeds in filling the reader's mind with scripture. the new living translation aids the reader's ease of understanding. i recommend this both to the busy person who's schedule is challenged, and also to the person who's intimidated by reading scripture in general. excellent choice.

Bob e |

To get to know god

What a great way to ge to know god. everyday you learn about him and can build on the previous day and read over and over again until the wonderful scriptures sink into your spirit!

Rick |

Easy to do

A great way to start the day with a five minute new testament reading. puts on in the right frame of mind & heart to start the day. the new living translation (nlt) is an easy and accurate read. it's a shame that the book is out of print and can only be purchased used.