Brand : Ferrecci

52R Zonettie Mens Daytona Red Slim Fit Blazer

Yankee j |

Excellent jacket for the price

Excellent jacket for the price. all the ferrecci 48r's fit me like they were tailor made just for me. that's why i keep buying them.

Alexander y. ampiaw |

And the fit is excellent (remember it is slim fit)

I am 5' 8", and wear 40r. the jacket looks very well made, and the fit is excellent (remember it is slim fit). i have been very disappointed several times buying clothes and shoes online. i must say, this is the first time i have bought a clothing item that i am completely satisfied with. the quality is impeccable. it is very stylish as well. it is a plaid material, and as such, will require extra effort to match the sewing lines to the grid lines in the clothes. there was a little part where the alignment was not perfect, but you have to be looking especially for it to see it. all said, this is an excellent buy for me, and i highly recommend it, if you are planning on buying one. i plan to buy the other designs from the company.

L. james |

Excellent value

Awesome jacket, awesome price, superb customer service. excellent fit for my boyfriend who usually has an issue with jacket sleeves being too short. i will buy from this collection again