Brand : ZebyRuss

56 Push Pin Magnets - Perfect for Magnetic Whiteboard, Fridge, Calendar, Map and More. 2 SIZES and 7 Bright Colors for More Uses and Versatility - Perfect for Home, Office or School

Tina |

Strong magnets, look cute, keep me organized

These magnets are exactly what i needed. the magnets are strong, and the "push pin" design makes them easy to use, see and move around without being too bulky. there are two sizes, and the strength and sizes of the actual magnets reflects the size of the push pin part. my fridge finally looks organized, and it's easy to grab what i need and replace things using these. five star product in every way.

Va_reader |

Exactly what i wanted. these are cute and hold ...

Exactly what i wanted. these are cute and hold tight. they go perfectly with the magnetic dry erase board i purchased.

Oregon randy |

Love at first sight

I loved these as soon as i saw them and loved them more when i first used them. they come in 2 different sizes and the magnets are strong and hold anything on my fridge. they are colorful. and also, my kids like them too. easy to grab with fingers. highly recommend