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7:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.

Movie junky |

I miss jack bower's way of entertaining! give us more of 24!

I was very disappointed when they ended this show. action packed from start to end on every season. great entertainment which i highly recommend to others.

Dorothy tabron |

This season is very exciting as much as the other ...

This season is very exciting as much as the other 4 seasons. i'm still watching this season and only stop while i have business to accomplish. each episode ends in a cliff hanger making me want to watch the next episode. cannot do that because of family obligations.

Wayne klein |

Fifth season the finest since the first

"24" is like red bull--once you've had it you're addicted. the fifth season of "24" revolves around one central mystery: who killed an ex-president and how is jack bauer connected to the assassination? it's a thrilling season--probably the best since the first season--and it comes to a stunning conclusion that will be answered in january of 2007. interestingly after having watched "casino royale" its clear that the new bond film was inspired by shows like "24" which were, in turn, inspired by early bond and some of the newer spy thrillers out there. there are a number of twists and turns in this season set my advice is not to read any reviews that summarize anymore of the plot if you haven't seen this season as there are some major spoilers in some of the reviews that follow. as usual fox has put together a terrific dvd. this also features a brief episode "prequel" to the sixth season like previous sets had. we get a large amount of worthwhile commentary tracks including some with emmy winner kiefer sutherland. there's also a summary of the season included as well athough if you've watched the show (or are watching it now) it won't really provide anything new. th "100 episode reel" is a pretty useless extra -- basically a clips compilation. different places are offering different exclusives. if you purchase it here you can download a free episode from unbox (at least during the holidays) while target also offers a limited edition bonus disc for this set with additional featurettes on the show. regardless of whether you buy it here at or elsewhere this set features plenty of extras including an examination of the wonderful presidential retreat featured in the show, a good featurette on the stellar work by the cinematography on the show, a featurette on the supporting actors on the show as well as extended and deleted scenes. i haven't had a chance to dig through all the bonus material yet but it what i have checked out looks really, really good. this set is packaged in the thinpak holders with two discs per holder so the accordian style packaging has been abandoned for this thinner packaging. this is a terrific set for an outstanding season of the series.what i would love to see if keifer sutherland and donald sutherland featured during a season.