Brand : George R. R. Martin

A Clash of Kings


Fantastic, and it doesn't look like he's finished yet!

'a game of thrones' was the best opening to a fantasy series that i have read in ages - 'a clash of kings' somehow manages to surpass it. this is historical, epic fantasy at its very best, and martin deserves all the praise it is possible to give, for being prepared to take risks which others shy away from. he employs an innovative method of structuring his chapters, is not afraid to kill off his main characters in the early stages of the series, and steers clear of the temptation to make everything happen too quickly, instead giving his world, and it's characters, depth and meaning. unfortunately, this last trait has ensured that 'a song of ice and fire' won't be finished anytime soon, but at least it gives us fantasy fans something to look forward to. roll on book 3!


5 stars plus - there is a new leader in today's fiction!

I've read the comments of readers that criticized the brutality in this volume and to those readers i say, "shame on you". martin has created a brutal world in clash of kings - true, but it keeps you rivoted because of the realistic characters that fight to survive, and fight for justice in that world. martin does not shy away from writing the death or misfortune of characters that he spends a great deal of time developing, regardless of whether that time was spent getting us to like or hate them. his "evil" characters show flashes of integrety, and his "good" characters show moments of self-serving, shameful behavior. he doesn't forget to include the neutral characters that are often swept along and sometimes buried by the dramatic events he weaves. martin's grasp of human nature gives a real feel to the drama and politics of the world he has created and his sagacious use of magic is just the right touch to keep the mysterious and the improbable within reach. excellent. i will store this series away until the next volume surfaces. when it does i will go through them again just to relive the experience.

Kate gildea |

Keeps getting better

Just let yourself go along for the ride into martin's imagination. he does not adhere to the "rules" that your main characters are along for the full ride with incredible twists and turns.