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A Critical History of Cuba - Memories

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Cuba: life and death of the so-called revolution

A critical history of cuba is a compendium of 'la semilla' 1st. and 2nd. volumes (in spanish). a review about 'the seed' 1st. says: what did the law student fidel castro do the day that manolo castro, the ex-president of the student university federation (feu) was murdered? in the political life into cuba, what was the role of a charismatic american of impeccable costumes made by a london tailor? how did the russian communist party influence in the premature death of a cuban conferee? in this book you will find the responses to these questions, and to many other matters. it contains a critical analysis from 1902, year of the birth of the cuban republic, up to beginning of the year 1959, when the so-called revolution triumphed in this country. economy, politics and society during a half a century period that will be known more and better thanks to this work. developed with rigor, intelligence and honesty, 'the seed' stands out also by a supported narrative interest that combines chronicle, testimony and analysis. it notices: 'the seed' ii, the second part of this work includes from 1959 until 2006. a critical history of cuba, published in 2011, is a compendium of both in english version.