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A.D. After Disclosure: The People's Guide to Life After Contact

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Think about it...

Can you ? i like the read of books that make you consider other possible theories of our world . slow down . stop running around and think about it...

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A serious and much needed look at disclosure

Some day disclosure is going to happen. maybe not in my lifetime, but who knows? ever wonder what it would be like? richard dolan and bryce zabel probably have your answer. i have thought about it quite a lot over the years and believed that i had it all figured out; well, until i read this book. there are many details of disclosure that just hadn't crossed my mind. this is not just a book for those who are knowledgeable about ufology or familiar with the disclosure movement. it also includes background on many prominent cases and other important aspects of ufological history. i think that someone who has very little or no knowledge of ufology would just as easily be able to comprehend the information in this book as someone well acquainted with the subject. the type of disclosure discussed in this book is the real thing: not some government releasing a few sightings reports and not some fictional television show that certain people in ufology may claim is factual and therefore disclosure. this disclosure is the governments of the world coming out and admitting that there are visitors to earth from elsewhere. maybe it isn't (or won't be) full disclosure of everything the government may know about these visitors, but certainly just the admission that they exist and have been visiting earth would be enough to send shock-waves throughout the world. one of the things i had never thought of in my own disclosure scenario was runs on the grocery stores and hoarding of food and other essentials. at first, that strikes me as far too extreme a reaction, but then again, to those of us inside the ufology bubble it is simply confirmation of what we already know. most other people may catch a ufo show on the history channel or something like that every once in a while, but their lives are too full of daily concerns to have taken ufos very seriously. so to them the news would be shocking and frightening. as i have thought about it more, that is a standard reaction to any type of fear and therefore is probably a legitimate scenario. even i tend to hoard food in the winter because i live outside town and if it snows and they close the roads, i am stuck. so if a bit of snow can cause that much worry for me, how much worry do beings from elsewhere (we don't know where) cause the "normal folks?" probably quite a lot. the most likely scenario is that the government has only admitted that they are "visiting," and we probably don't know exactly where they are from or what they want. for those who don't realize they have probably been visiting since the beginning of time, this would be very worrisome information. frankly, even for those of us who do think they have always visited, not knowing for certain what they want is at times worrying. this book covers not only how the average person may react to the news, but also the reactions of various institutions and religions. obviously, people who belong to religions that only believe in life outside of earth as either angels or demons would react quite differently than people belonging to religions that don't have that belief. for myself, it is fun to consider how michael shermer and other fundamentalist skeptics would react. maybe more so, though, is how the media would react. what will happen with the media when disclosure happens? after all, they had every clue, but they refused to follow the story in a serious way. do they lose the trust of the people along with the governments that have kept it secret for so long? seriously, what possible excuse do they offer for ignoring things like the events at malmstrom afb? even if they didn't believe in ufos, isn't that a story worth investigating? yes, it will be a bitter pill for the world to swallow, but especially the western world. they have been systematically lied to for probably at least 60 years, and the people they trust to dig out the truth (the news media) have either gone along with the cover-up or not cared enough to actually investigate what was going on; probably both. who can they trust after that initial disclosure to answer their questions and ease their concerns? how long would it take for the human race to become somewhat comfortable with the idea of these visitors? weeks, months, years? yes, i have left a lot of open questions here because i want you to think about them and i want you to read the book. it is easy for those of us who feel we already know the truth (or at least some of it) to push for and want disclosure, but most people on the planet are not like us. that is not in any way meant to imply that disclosure should not take place. it is moral and right; only to us it may seem as if it would be less complicated and less world changing than it actually would be. although, isn't it about time we had some earth-changing news and a paradigm shift? given the way things are going, i can't think of a better time. of course, if you read this book you will know what to expect and it will be easier to sit back and enjoy the bumpy ride.

Thyago resende |

Good points and nicely written

The authors address the political (and also economical and sociological) implications of the gradual et disclosure. in a academic and professional fashion, they expose their ideas and theories on what would happen and why. the book is not only about theories though. authors expose where their research has led them to believe so far in terms of the alien presence on earth and it's geo and exopolitics consequences.