Brand : George R. R. Martin

A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 1)

Adam h |

Cool collectors item for hardcore asoiaf fans

Best fictional series out there. extremely addicting and well written. i love this book because it really does take me away to another world. george rr martin is a creative genius. the leather books are really cool collectors items, but they are a lot smaller than i imagined. so to cram all those words into these small books, there are a ton of pages with very small font. but i think they are still cool. i love everything about this series!

Deezy |

If you like the show...

If you like the show then you'll love this book. the show followed this novel very closely, and they did so for a very good reason. it's spectacular! already knowing all of the little things in the universe made it seem just a little less interesting at times because it felt like a rehash of information. although, being able to read the characters thoughts really adds a lot to the story. a great read. this is a review of the kindle version. the kindle version is great! i downloaded the audio version to accompany this. the transition from audio to book is seamless. i never lost my place and it always started where i left off (as long as you have internet connection it will update your place across all of your devices) just read it already.

Lownoteman |

Great series

If you haven't heard about the game of thrones books or show at this point then where have you been??? i'm not going to review the books as that has been done more expertly by better equipped professionals. the quality of this product is as expected. the cardboard "shell" that holds the books is pretty chintzy but that should not be a deal breaker at all. i will say that these books are certainly not for kids, personally i would say adults only, but that's a judgment call.