Brand : Bowling For Soup

A Hangover You Don't Deserve [Clean]

Melissa |

Good music

Got this cd used because my original copy was damaged. i realize that a lot of ppl don't buy cd's anymore, but i guess i'm a little old fashioned. cd was in good condition; no scratches and worth the price.

Claudio k. |

The best hangover you'll ever get

Bowling for soup's follow up to their cd 'drunk enough to dance' is great. as it says in the liner notes if you can listen to this cd and not smile then their is something wrong with you. it is hilarious. bonus track #44 is so funny you have to listen to it. however, it is not exactly the same stuff we heard from the guys on detd at times they seem to mellow out a bit 'ridiculous' but that doesn't mean that is a bad thing. i love the new bfs record. go bfs!

Cheryl weber |

Now my favorite cd

If you have trouble getting energy to exercise, try listening to this cd. it won't let you sit still. the great poetry (which you can hear and decipher, thank you) is melded to a very complex music with soul and understanding of the way things are. it is intense when intensity is needed (ie "my hometown") and politically correct (in "last call casualty" the drunk singer takes a cab home rather than drive). it has a song of apology ("a-hole"). it even has a song that reminds me of the beatles song, "all we need is love". all great bands seem to feel that they could end war and hate if they could just find the right song ("shut up and smile). but my favorite is "ohio"("come back to texas"). i heard this first when planning a trip to help my daughter move back to lubbock, texas after she went to columbus, ohio to be with a guy named scott. (it didn't work out.) perfect timing, perfect fun. this whole album is fun, fun, fun! even for us over 50 crowd. thanks bfs!