Brand : Jules Verne

A Journey to the Center of the Earth

Grand slam |

Good classic

I read a lot of science fiction and am impressed on the style of writing. i rarely read a book twice by will definitely will be reading this one over. if you like a good short story,this is a good one.

Vanity |

Amazing read!

I have read this book many times and never gets tired of reading it again. i'm transported each time to the centre of the earth.

Klaus |

Great storytelling

Journey to the center of the earth is an amazing read. it has great settings and descriptions. although it is such an old book many of its references and ideas have been proven wrong by modern day science (mostly the proof of heating in the core). this book has two translated versions. the far superior version by puffin classics has a protagonist named axel, while the other version has a protagonist named harry. in the harry version parts are removed, added, and altered. generally journey has great characters, an amazing ending, and and awesome storytelling. (review by my 13-year old son)