Brand : William Shakespeare

A Midsummer Night's Dream (The New Cambridge Shakespeare)

Tomi |

For teachers, actors, and students

I absolutely love the cambridge school collections of shakespeare. on the right, they have the original shakespearean text, but on the left they include different things we can do as a class (as actors or to help analyze the text) to deepen student understanding. i used the cambridge school when i taught julius caesar to tenth graders, and now i am using this to guide 7th graders through the difficult language. absolutely amazing!

Hayli may |

Fantastic edition and delightful play

My favorite edition of a great shakespeare play. i own multiple of the pelican series and they look great together on a shelf and read beautifully in the hand.

Mdl |

She's the man - in the original form

Yes, "twelfth night" is the basis for the teen romantic comedy, "she the man," but reading the no fear series will get you into the original work with a nifty side-by-side modern-translation comparison. a real gem of a book from someone that likes to have the translation at her fingertips. and yes, it has been quite a while since i was a teen.