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A New Day

R. nichols |

The final chapters of excellence

For the few people with open minds and good taste that have discovered "the wire", i'm not going to continue to extoll it's virtues and throw out the "best show ever" line, as everyone who has had the chance to view any season in it's entirety already knows it truly is that. this program has ruined me for network television, and has made me a true believer in hbo(hopefully they will continue to hit their water marks). all other crime dramas(law and order, csi, etc.) seem postured, synthetic, and laughable. no other program i've seen can or has illustrated the sociological turmoil and the despair within gut-wrenching drama, storytelling and brilliant dialogue like this. but like all good things, this too must come to pass. david simon and co. have steadfast plans to end the saga after five seasons. the fifth season i believe will start in jan. 2008. no matter how good the show is, no matter how many people it has touched, no matter how much money hbo gives them for another season, it will not continue. at first i was deeply saddened, but at least the show will go out on it's highest note, and will remain totally flawless(the fifth season is going to be the best, and most hard-hitting). for the last five to six years "the wire" has been the best kept secret in broadcasting. like everything that is truly good in todays culture, it is criminally ignored except for the few people who have the patience to sift through the detritis that is modern-day tv. history of course, always reveals qualty to the masses, and i feel that it is an impossibility that this secret will forever remain a secret. years down the road, it will become a fixture in it's field; an icon of quality. i like the fact that "the wire" has spread by almost total word of mouth through intelligent circles; that it has remained pure and un-exploited; that it hasn't become a fixture in pop-culture; that ignorant people ignore it to watch the meaningless, propagandized, consumer-driven schlock that is mainstream television; that it hasn't been reduced to an edited and "family-friendly" form to be horribly misread; that the privelaged few who have seen any season of it recognize quality and perfection. but "the wire" has achieved more than perfection, as the first season was definitely that. every season just gets better and better, and how do you surpass the status of perfection? what on earth do you call it? that's easy. you call it "the wire"

T. ferguson |

The wire: the complete fourth season

I'm so happy to have found this season on dvd. i was so anxious for it to arrive. i absolutely love it!!!

Amazon customer |

Awesome show

Awesome show. it's really good how everything was tied in to this between the police department, politics, and the angles each season focuses on that's different. one season was just the police and politics, another was with a union, another was with the schools, and the last season was tied in to journalism. very interesting show and highly recommend. can't believe i never watched this much sooner.