Brand : Marianne Williamson

A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of a Course in Miracles (G K Hall Large Print Book Series)

Effie |

Another marianne williamson must read!

I've read several of marianne williamson's books and i find them all to be very inspirational and a miracle in themselves! in this book there is a section about death and dying where she encourages hiv/aids patients to write a letter to their disease. being a nurse i think this is a very good idea, i didn't think she was making "lite" of the disease but instead giving people an idea to express how they feel about their disease and who better to write to than to the disease itsself. this is just one more great book of many written by her.

M. love |

Amazing, life-changing book!

This is by far one of the best books i've ever read. for me, reading the book was life-changing because of the changing of perceptions one learns. a change toward love and peace and the realization of that possibility.

Patricia castellanos |

An excellent inspiring book!

A return to love is an excellent, inspiring book. williamson points out that happiness is a choice and then shows how to make that choice. there are detailed steps about how to change our thoughts and therefore our experience of life. reading a return to love helps to increase the sense of self-worth. williamson's writing is easy to understand. she points out how the ego blocks our experience of love and happiness and that loving ourselves is just as important as loving others. a return to love provides an excellent introduction to the teachings in a course in miracles. a course in miracles is also excellent, however, in my edition of acim the text portion of the book is 669 pages. that is a huge amount of information and for some people that can be a bit confusing. it is nice to start with a return to love, work with the principles in a return to love and then when you feel you have gotten everything there is to gain from a return to love, move on to a course in miracles. one of williamson's fundamental points is that only love is real. everything else is illusion. she points out the great advantages of forgiveness instead of blame. she reveals some of the obstacles she has had to overcome in her own journey. we have all had the experience of wishing we had done some things differently. williamson provides examples of how we can completely change our lives and actions by looking at people, things and situations from the perspective of love and forgiveness. out of all of the hundreds of spiritual books i have read the book that has helped me the most to experience true happiness, peace and love without limits is experience your perfect soul is also the book that has touched my heart most deeply and has allowed me to directly experience and live from the spiritual heart.