Brand : Mary Doria Russell

A Thread of Grace: A Novel

Isabel |

One of the best books i have read lately

One of the best books i have read lately. i knew very little of the impact of wwii in italy. this book focus on the effects of war on the people, especially refugees and the thousands of jews that were in italy at the time. the story is compelling and the book is beautifully written. although the content is overwhelming at times, the light pace makes the story tolerable and very, very human. it was good to read the catholic church had played such a vital and positive role in helping the jewish refugees in italy.

S. ryan |

A must-read

An amazingly well-written journey through italy during wwii. the "thread of grace" that runs from beginning to end effectively interfaces the global perspective onto a personal level. truly a must-read.

Marian |

Proud of my heritage

With the horrors of war this book shows the hospitality that is true of the italian heritage. a truly heart wrenching story.