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A Twentieth Century Odyssey: The Bob Mathias Story

Anthony j. pache jr. |

Bob mathias: athletic/american wonder!!!!!!!!!!

When one speaks of bob mathias onlt one word comes to my mind, incredible!!!!!!! how many athletes can say at age 17 they got into athletics, and just a few months later won a gold medal in the 1948 decathlon in london, england? then mr mathias came back in 1952 to win his second olympic decathlon in helsinki, finland; and that same year (1952) he also played for stanford in the rose bowl!!!!!!!! he wom 11 decathlons (undefeated) in aau competition and set 4 decathlon records. bob mathias was also elected to 4 terms of congress from 1967-1974. if this does not declare or make mr mathias one of our country's greatest athletes and men; then i don't know what does! he was just a great athlete, man and american! i can go on and on forever naming his great athletic and humanitarian achievments. one in ten million is the only way i "best" know how to describe bob mathias, just one incredible human being for his time; and for all-time!!!!