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A Vegan History: 1944-2010

Laurie |

A vegan future.

Point of review: awesome history of vegan everything. never realized how much can happen in less than a lifetime! i love that this history extends to life just a year ago. this is a great reference for life and activism in our vegan future. totally worth every cent! stop here if you just want to buy the book and live free. read on if you want to buy the book, live free, and donate half a minute of your time to other type. process leading up to the point: i am currently reading and enjoying this "a vegan history: 1944-2010" book by erik marcus. on my kindle for pc. about 78% done with the book. typically i can speak for days about anything. right now i am here with the intention of writing a review. looking for the right words. write words. background info: the way that i see my personal history is divided into life before veganism, and life after veganism. there are a lot of other events and reasons as to why my history is classified in such a manner. it makes sense if you know the whole story. maybe it is or will be like that for you too. though, that is not so important write now. yes i meant to use that type of right. one's life is but a tangent to something greater. as i read this vegan history by mr. marcus, i can see how role models and musicians, scholars and skeptics, politicians and organizations have all found their way into the vegan movement. all the while, i too have found my own heart in the time line. this is not just a book. not a reference for later. this history is something for now. i remember the effects of mad cow disease. do you. i recognize the videos made public from undercover footage from factory farms. they are indeed posted on youtube. so now what. the book highlights the vegan world from 1944-2010. a lifetime. less than a lifetime maybe. a vegan history: 1944-2010 shows just how much our world can change in 66 years. the fingers that i use to type this review today have no clue what will become of tomorrow. what is amazing is that by reading this book, mr. marcus allows us that extra generation of veganism in our world. personally, i am the first generation of blood and friendship who has gone vegan. there is no elder telling me about life as a vegan back in the day. no one jumping at the chance to fuel relentless interest in doing something more, more than what is, more than what is not. mr. marcus's book explains how vegan came to be what it is today with such clarity that i find it difficult to even explain why i am appreciative. that is a huge deal. buy the book. it has more uses than you know. that's all that i can say. the end.

Tess challis |

A must read!

Yet another fantastic book by mr. marcus. this idea is brilliant too - i learned so much about the history of veganism and it was such an enjoyable read. you can't go wrong with the price either...everyone should have this book, whether vegan or not! so informative and inspiring. five stars!

B in toronto |

I loved this book

I have been an avid reader of the blog, and so when erik marcus's book came out on kindle i just had to have it. it's a concise yet thorough history of veganism, which details significant incidents in the growth of veganism that are much overlooked, such as the smiths' release of the record meat is murder, which turned a lot of young people on to the idea of no longer eating meat. being a vegan is hard - not in finding good things to eat - that's the easy part. it's dealing with scoffing friends and family, and knowing all about the horrific abuse that goes on in every factory farm across the land. plus dealing with the fact that the people who abuse animals have their hands in the pockets of lawmakers. however, with this book, i gained a lot of hope. the narrative clearly illustrates that care for farmed animals is steadily increasing over time, as leaders such wayne pacelle, the first vegan ceo of the humane society of the united states, come forward and lead the charge towards vast reform of current animal farming methods. what erik shows is that there's much cause for hope. the world is changing, and for the better. this is a great book for the die-hard vegan, and those just curious about what veganism is all about and where it came from. recommended thoroughly.