Brand : Norah Lofts

A Wayside Tavern (Isis (Hardcover Large Print))

S. e. kennedy |

Woven like a fine tapestry

This was my first venture into a norah lofts novel - what a terrific find! the book begins in the 4th century as the roman army begins to pull out of england. wounded and unable to continue with the troops, paulus remains behind at the "deserted" wayside tavern they had stumbled across. one act of kindness begets another and soon paulus has unknowingly started a family and a story of a family home to reach through the centuries. ms. lofts brilliantly and seamlessly weaves each generation of her story into the next, culminating with a single reminder back to the days of paulus which i think wrapped the story beautifully back to it's beginning. along the way, however, you will enjoy stories of historical interest, religion,love, loss, and the simple human characteristics that create great human drama. i thoroughly enjoyed each step along the way and i highly recommend this book.

Atmerkel |

Norah lofts best historical fiction writer

I love norah lofts! too bad she's gone, but luckily she left a plethora of books behind, and now some of them have been re-released. "a wayside tavern" is one of my favorites. also "gad's hall" & "the haunting of gad's hall", i love the historical aspect but also the bit of the supernatural and the characters. she was a wonderful writer.

Nanci squier-beem |

One of my all time most beloved books---fascinating

Very few books do i keep always and reread: wayside tavern is one of them. this is nora lofts at her best. the idea of following a location and the charactors who inhabit it down through many centuries fascinates me, and lofts is a masterful in recreating the place and especially the people. as this book begins with the story of a tavern in roman times, a reader can easily feel transported to that time and place. the charactor development is also stunning.