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A Welcome Grave: The Lincoln Perry Mysteries, Book 3

Michael a. newman |

A welcome thriller!

I couldn't put this book down about a private eye (lincoln perry) who is framed for a few murders and must clear his name as the police are tightening the noose. perry has only his partner joe and his new girlfriend amy behind him and everyone else against him. add to that, the mysterious thor is thrown into the mix and when all can't get any bleaker, lincoln must team with thor to maybe turn the tables on the "real" bad guys. a great thriller!

Amazon customer |

Fans of hard boiled detectives will want to read the escapades of lincoln perry

In cleveland, in a fit of jealousy enhanced by the man's superior airs lincoln perry assaulted influential affluent attorney alex jefferson. his actions led to his dismissal from the cleveland police department and he still lost the woman as his beloved former wife karen married alex. lincoln moves on becoming a private investigator ruing his foolishness. however, lincoln soon has a new reason to rue his temper fit when someone brutally murders alex. the police immediately think of lincoln whose motive remains jealousy as the homicide looks like it was performed by a raging culprit. however, unable to say no to karen, he agrees to search for jefferson's estranged son matt although that makes him look guiltier to the cops investigating the murder. he finds the lad in indiana only to have matt commit suicide in front of him. now the police suspect lincoln for murdering the father and the son all because they assume he still holds the torch for karen and ergo will do anything for this "femme fatale" especially with millions involved. lincoln is terrific in his third urban noir case (see tonight i said goodbye and sorrows anthem) is personal as he is the prime and only suspect in the murder of alex and the questionable (by the cops that is) suicide of matt. the story line is fast-paced as the police assume karen is a femme fatale black widow who uses lincoln as her tool to get jefferson's millions. fans of hard boiled detectives will want to read the escapades of lincoln perry as he struggles to expedite himself from quite a mess.

Kevin tipple |

Lincoln perry returns in "a welcome grave"

This latest book in the series is another noirish style read with lincoln perry dealing with his own past during a current case. alex jefferson was tortured and killed in a field near bedford, south of cleveland. with no suspects immediately apparent in the field standing over the body or running away from it, detectives start looking into folks who knew jefferson and might have held a grudge. people like lincoln perry. lincoln's grudge as the detectives see it, would go back a few years ago when lincoln was engaged to karen who ended up working in alex jefferson's law firm. the boss started noticing her and gradually his efforts at seduction paid off. lincoln found out they were sleeping together and after consuming a twelve pack of beer, went to jefferson's country club and beat the living tar out of him. lincoln left the man alive and was later stopped for drunk driving and eventually charged with assault. jefferson recovered and married karen and everyone went on with their lives. despite keeping mementos from their relationship in a small box, lincoln doesn't think about what happened much anymore. that is until now when a few days later karen calls wanting his help. while sitting in a leather chair in her mansion, karen tells him that she wants to find alex's son. the son, matthew jefferson, is due to inherit eight million dollars and no one knows where he is. karen says she wants someone she can trust to find him and tell matthew what has happened and for that, she is willing to pay lincoln one percent or eighty thousand dollars. the amount is far in excess what should be paid which does bother lincoln. still eight thousand dollars for a couple of days work would come in very handy right now. cases haven't been coming in lately. the business is barely afloat and then there is the whole deal with joe's medical expenses and rehabilitation after he was shot. guilt is a powerful motivator and lincoln feels plenty of it so he agrees. something that he will soon regret in a case that quickly becomes personal with his very life at stake. author michael kortya once again pulls readers deep into the cynical world of lincoln perry in an intense mystery. part hardboiled and part noir, the read is compelling and intense as it dwells in the shady land in between where lincoln is at the brink. while the novel continues character development especially in regards to lincoln and seems to foreshadow a massive change in his relationship with joe, it also works heavily with various items from previous novels. as such it is not only hard to discuss the book in great detail, it also strongly behooves those interested in reading the book to start from the beginning with "tonight i said goodbye." in doing so, readers will be introduced to a majority of the characters in lincoln's world as well as to plot threads that are dealt with in this intense novel by the edgar nominated author. kevin r. tipple (copyright) 2007