Brand : Jerry B. Flory

A World of Pain

Uskiwi |

Visceral entertainment for those seeking something different.

Jerry b. flory has created a novel new twist to the genre of horror writing, with an unusual departure from tradition which can only be described as brilliant. rich with descriptive flavour, and a deft ability to seat you in the heart of the story he has started what one only hopes is the beginning of an exciting new series. i eagerly anticipate his next installment.

Aegranko |

Great debut novel

A riveting debut from the demented mind of a talented new author. if stephen king had a twisted little brother, he couldn't hod a cande to flory. i can't wait to see what's next from him.

Anonymous |

Intellectually demented

I've often said i was glad stephen king and quentin tarantino found a creative outlet to express their dark side. i will need to extend that gratitude to encompass jerry flory and his gift of writing. long may he keep his writing close. i am not a fan of the horror genre but i heard about this short story from other friends and once i began it, i couldn't put it down. this isn't gratuitous violence or twistedness. through the use of magic, mr. flory's character and his companion purposely set out on a journey through madness and pain. any person who has lived through darkness knows how surviving that violence can lead to an insight that can't be understood by those fortunate to have walked only in the light. the survivor has had the unessentials burned away leaving only knowledge. it's a dark and frightening fall into that hell hole but mr. flory wraps his words around the reader and drags them down that twisted tunnel with him.