Brand : Ernest Mason Satow

Ānesuto Satō Kōshi nikki (Japanese Edition)

Ian ruxton |

First publication of satow's diaries 1895-1900

These books are in japanese: two hardback volumes, published in 1989 and 1991. they are translations of satow's handwritten diaries, and they are now out of print. if you want the original english version which i edited, it was published by edition synapse of tokyo in 2003. isbn: 4901481061. it is available from the edition synapse website which i believe i am not allowed to publish here, but it does exist! it is also listed on i have uploaded two customer images of the product. both english and japanese books tell us a great deal about the diplomacy of the time, and the situation in japan and east asia also. of course we learn about sir ernest satow and the people he met in japan, britain and other places too. ian ruxton, co-author of "the diaries and letters of sir ernest mason satow (1843-1929), a scholar-diplomat in east asia" which is available on