Brand : Betty Smith

A tree grows in Brooklyn: A novel

Ford |

Great book.

I read this many years ago and wanted to read it again. it was just as charming and informative about the early 1900's as it was the first time. great book.

Mary jane cozzens |

Americana at its best.

I particularly enjoy old classics from old americana. learning how people lived with very little, and were happy, or trying to be. an accurate picture of life in the 1800's.

A rochester |

A book that last.

This book has been read for generations. i had read it before but i was so glad to find that neeley and francie still live. they are the brother and sister who grew up in brooklyn. they are kate and johnny's children. kate is beautiful and strong, johnny is handsome, a singing waiter, alcoholic, lovable but weak. not a lot happens in this book. it is a family story and what happens in the 500 pages is life---just life. it is not an action book, interestingly, i was told that this was the most popular book with the service men in ww2. the soldiers were living the action and wanted to read about home. the family was poor but very proud. kate instilled the desire for education by reading from the bible and from shakespeare every night of the children's life. they earned pennies and dimes and yet saved a percentage. often the family was hungry. there are lessons to be learned about hard work, character, and integrity.