Brand : Ayn Rand

ANTHEM (Chump Change Edition)

Tj |

Loved it

An excellent quick read for rand fans, or those who have not yet become fans. particularly poignant during these times of government intervention into private industry. take heed ...

Robert withrow |

Fantastic read!

I'm a freshman in high school and we, no, i had to read this for class and i thought it was fantastic. i normally don't like books like this and dread having to read then but i would definitely read this book again.

Sue |

We like it!!!

Ayn rand's anthem is a book about a non-utopia sci-fi future where the government controls everything. it takes place after some unknown cataclysmic event which left the world in a dark age with medieval technology at best. the most spectacular thing about this society is that individuals have no meaning. one hundred people would all share a name like union 5-3992 and work in regiments in an army. the main premise is that the individual no longer exists, but instead, the government is in complete control and is more important to society than one person. interesting, rand wrote this novella in 1938 in london, as hitler's rise to power was beginning. hitler wanted to create one genetically superior race (germans) at the cost of all he considered "inferior" races - jews, catholics, etc. coincidence? who knows. thankfully, a misguided view of the future. my one criticism was it was too short!!! i wanted more. rand created an interesting society and possibilities. at the end of the novel i felt cheated because my thirst was unsatisfied.