Brand : API

API CALCIUM TEST KIT 90-Test Aquarium Water Test Kit

Paul ricketts |


Its the quickest test kit for calcium and is fairly accurate. i like it more than the others i've tried.

Shawn mcgraw |

Comes with 2 test solution bottles, 1 test tube ...

Comes with 2 test solution bottles, 1 test tube, instructions with key chart. get ready to do a lot of test tube shaking, well at least on your first couple times. save time and google how you can cheat or just keep shaking till you can't shake anymore.

Kevin |

Cheap and works.

People debate the accuracy of this all the time when compared to the higher end test kits. for me, it simply works. the resolution of the testing is to 10 ppm and other products go .5 ppm. i'm personally okay with knowing i'm either 420 ppm or 410 ppm weekly. the point is to graph and understand the trend line over time. if you're trying to track specific daily fluctuation you're better off going with a higher end kid. for me it works and is simple to use for my application. tip: 10 drops of bottle #1 and shake. when you start bottle #2 you'll start seeing a trend based on your tank consumption. for my tank, i'm consistently at 400+ ppm. so for bottle #2, i put in 19 drops at the same time and shake. then add additional drops until i see the color change. don't add a drop and shake starting at the beginning or you'll be there all day.