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Addiction and Recovery For Dummies

Julie a. sons |

Addiction & recovery for dummies

I am dealing with the very real issue of addiction with my son and this book has opened my eyes in ways i can't explain. it has also given me the hope that there is a "better" way to beat addiction with the basic tools i have learned from this book. it is a definite 'go-to' book for the average person dealing with the addiction and recovery process of a family member or friend and i seem to not be able to put it down. i read briefly about a treatment option (ibogaine) that is not used in the us because it is not approved however, i really think this treatment might be exactly what he needs. any comments? [...]

Nina v. |

The best book i've read on addiction--really helpful!

I can't recommend this book too highly. i have been working in this field for years and have searched for a book that would not turn off people struggling to come to terms with addictive problems. this book is easy to read, concise and presented in a manner that invites the reader to stay with the material. in addition to giving great information on the biology of addiction, it is full of excellent suggestions on how to practically go about attacking the problem. and it is optomistic! so important when someone feels overwhelmed by the problem and has struggled, often unsuccessfully, to change behaviors that are self-defeating. i would also advise relatives and friends of addictive persons to use this book to help them cope better with this issue and to find hope.

K. house |

Thorough coverage of the options available

This book provides information that is very useful and objective. it provides many options and clear descriptions of those options, so that a person is not flailing in the dark when looking for a way out of a messy situation.