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Adele 25

Suzq |

It's adele; it's great.

Of course, it's great. haven't warmed to it quite as quickly as i did 21, but i bet it'll grow on me.

Traci deininger |


Wow it just amazing how adeles music just keeps getting better and better.i got this cd for my mom as a present and its all she has been talking about since she listened to it.all i have to say is i hope she keeps putting out more cds that are this great

Deanna m. antonsen |

And i cannot say enough wonderful things about it

There are no words to adequately praise adele. she is astounding! and only 25. i got her new cd the first day it was available, having pre-ordered it. and i cannot say enough wonderful things about it. i have had many favorite singers over the years (i am 77 now) and she is my latest favorite. she is wonderful.