Brand : Mark Twain

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Oxford World's Classics)

Blake |

I felt that it displayed the cultural views on african-americans in the "pre-civil war" era that twain uses

#mark twain hating on romanticism sooooooooooo hard, with tom sawyer, and also the social aristocracy of the south as seen with buck=huck in alternative role...sooooooo is a good book and it is an american classic....go realism!

Oneway |

Amazing book

My son likes the story so much. he has read the book many times. when we went to disney world, he spent almost one hour on tom sawyer island.

David clarke |

Fun, fun, fun!

The adventures of tom sawyer is a delicious escape which can be embraced by young and old alike. i read the book when i was a child, but every aspect of the book still appeals to me today. if you are looking for a fun adventure filled with mischievous characters, you will find it here. it is also filled with lighthearted laughter and suspense. it is a timeless classic which will keep you turning pages until you reach the end. the writing of mark twain has influenced me as an author. i like the silliness of some of his characters. that is reflected in my outrageously funny novel entitled "the misadventures of sister mary olga fortitude." while my book is not a classic, tom sawyer will stand the test of time. mark twain is an author for the ages. davis aujourd'hui, author