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After Earth

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Good action movie

I like the action. so many films try and fail with action based scripts. this one definitely succeeded. i like that will smith and his son work together like they do. very good father and son chemistry.

P. lazaroff |

Survival, exploration, excitement-what else does one need?

After earth, considered to be one of the worst science-fiction movies of the year, decade, century, reviewers are paid to write not actually see the movies they write about. i watched this flick four times, and yes, i could watch it four more with little or no difficulty. why? first, it's about the most important factor to human survival - family. a father and son standing apart until fate makes them see one another in a different light. on a planet where everything evolves for the sole purpose of killing human beings, will smith and his (real life) son jaden smith must survive, despite a special living cargo that wants only to eat them, or tear the apart, or otherwise destroy them...but survival depends on a young man's trek (100km) to reach one part of the ship that holds their salvation. to do this impossible mission the younger smith must use all his training as a future space ranger, and all his wits to dodge wild animals, deadly plants, and the creature that was aboard the spaceship before it crashed. his father's legs broken, all will smith can do is monitor (live feed from a backpack worn camera array) the journey, dangers, close-calls, and finally the victory of his son's journey both on the planet, in his heart, and of his growth to manhood, winning the respect he longed for as a child at last. this is a feel-good, adventure heavy, survivalist to the max, father-son struggle that wins at every level. graphics may not win prizes, but the monsters are believable enough to make you sit on the edge of your chair as the young would-be ranger battles for his life and even befriends one enormous threat to his continued living. i felt the landscapes were solid, better than hundreds of other movies i've watched and on par with jurassic park - which means the world of the movie is one that tugs at your nerves, making you realize "flight or fight" is not just a great three-word option, it is all that comes between living and dying on the planet the younger smith dreams of visiting and is destined to conquer. buy or rent form and don't read the paid reviews - read mine, then read it again and watch the movie. enjoy!

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Well acted and a fantastic script!

Well acted and a fantastic script!! i thought this was extremely well done and m night didn't disappoint with his well placed "deeper meaning" cerebral concepts throughout...