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Alaska Twilight

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Exciting with a satisfying ending!

Colleen coble's alaska twilight is a contemporary romance novel that adds a facet not usually found in most christian romances: it involves bears. the bears in this book give it a unique quality that adds drama to the story. the story follows the lives of haley walsh and tank lassiter. she is from phoenix, arizona, and he is from alaska. haley is terrified of the forest, whereas tank can't get enough of it. she wants nothing to do with god, while god is the only thing keeping tank going. through mysterious events, including a murder, a bear attack, a kidnapping, and a cave-in, these two are drawn together as they learn about themselves and the lord. coble keeps readers guessing through the entire story, not revealing what will happen until the very last pages of the book. the relationship between tank and haley is enjoyable to watch, as it develops in the midst of unusual events, the most unforgettable being when haley discovers someone in her tent. she hears the intruder digging around in her backpack. in order to ward him off, she grabs the closest thing to her-her prosthesis-which she then throws at him and scares him away. haley has been avoiding alaska for more than twenty years. after a tragic accident as a child, haley was forsaken by her parents and sent to arizona to be with her grandmother. now, she is going back to alaska to confront her past and photograph a documentary on bears. in the far north she meets tank, who is a rugged biologist specializing in the study of bears, and through many trials begins the process of growing as a person. haley struggles between being angry with god and blaming herself for her misfortunes. yet through it all, she is independent and has hidden strength. at times the story is told from tank's point of view, and readers discover that as a widower with a daughter, he strives under the load of responsibility on his shoulders. this book was exciting, compelling, and a page-turner. i recommend it for anyone interested in contemporary christian romance. overall, i enjoyed alaska twilight, whose story sets on a satisfying ending. -- madeline kimes, christian book

Dianne |

Highly recommend

I got the privilege to travel to alaska a few years back and this book took me back to all the beautiful scenery. the love story was great. i really enjoy colleen as an author.

Suzq328 |

Alaskan twilight

I love colleen coble. this is just another great one to add to all the others. this is a must read.