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Alcoholics Anonymous

Happy one |

I'm glad that i could get it and put it on ...

I already have the book as a book so i know it is very helpful. i'm glad that i could get it and put it on my ipad. thank you.

Jimmy |

A must have

If you want to quit drinking, buy this book and go to a meeting. it has saved thousands of lives and it can save yours too. i can't recommend it enough. this was a brand new hardback copy of the big book, just as promised. i got it in the mail within a matter of days too.

Big al in ps |

If you're a drunk, here's your solution.

The "professional therapist" class sneers at this book, because they can't believe that a bunch of amateurs found the solution while they, with all their degrees, did not. they even go so far as to ignore the scores of 12 step movements that have proliferated around the world all based on this book. of psychiatry, psychology or religion could have found a solution to so many of these conditions, there would have been no need for aa or this book. all the pros lack is simple humility.