Brand : Alfie

Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture - JAC Pet Waste Pickup Tool with Bag Dispenser and Bags with Microfiber Fast-Dry Washcloth Set - Color: Blue and Yellow

Littlehuntergirl |

Awesome. use pick-up bags by pet zone with it.

I have the green version of this, but it's the same thing. i've been using it daily for more than a year now, and i love it. i'm a new dog owner, and while others seem to be comfortable just using a bag to pick up poo, i tried it and i think it's absolutely disgusting. using this tool gives me some distance from the poo, in addition to doing a much better job of picking it up, leaving very little behind, especially on hard surfaces like a sidewalk. use the pick-up bags by pet zone (they're green) -- they're the perfect size. i can't speak to the ones that come with this one, as they are different than the pet zone bags i got with the green version of this tool.

Kudos2writers |

Excellent for picking up pet waste

I've been using this ever since i bought it but i use the plastic grocery bags i come home from shopping with. the included bags are too thin and hard to put over this pet waste pickup item.

Czar |

Simple and effective

I love it when a product does exactly what it is supposed to do! i save a few pennies by using small grocery bags.