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Alfred Deller; a singularity of voice,

Rebellious grace |

Eye opening

I can't say enough good things about this book. i've read it four times and when i recently shared that with someone, they said "what happened that you didn't get it the first three times?" great question and the answer is this: when reading a book like this it is eye opening usually on current pressing relationship or situational struggles. sure you can take the things you learn and apply them across the board but i have found at different seasons in my life my eyes were opened to new truths in this book. i love it and recommend it to build healthy relationships with others but also with yourself!

2peasnparadise |

A must-read

This book is truly life-changing! biblical examples to back up how not to be a door mat but remain or strive to be a good follower of jesus christ. i could not put the book down. i also ordered copies for 2 friends and my daughter.

Patricia carrasco |


This book is so essential for abused people who need to know when to say no and not feel guilty, and also to interact w/ people in a healthy way when u dont know how. i cant recommend it enough and i re-read it periodically to remind myself and remember what i learned. thank u to the authors for writing this book