Brand : Margaret Read MacDonald

Algarabia en la Granja [Farmyard Jamboree]

Corina |

Love this music/book!

Cute pictures, great song. it's a bit on the slow side, but my 10 month old loves it. we sing along and point to the animals as their names are said. we also have el loro tico tango, which is catchy and up beat, but i think this will be easier for my son to sing along to once he starts talking. make sure you get the version with the cd - it's worth it.

Evalu reviews |

Daughter's favorite book

This books is fantastic. i have been reading it to my daughter since she was 6 months old, and now at 10 months she will sit still through most of it, and will get really excited to hear me do all the barnyard animals. as a native spanish speaker, i think that the text is fantastic and is not awkwardly translated from english. i am on the look out for good spanish children's books, and so far this is the best one we've encountered, especially if you really let yourself be silly when reading the animal noises. unlock your silly bone and watch your children giggle their way through this farmyard adventure, based on a chilean folklore story.

Mari |


I just wrote another review for a counting book and stated that it was boring - which it was - this one, while still a counting book, actually gets a bit interesting. the story actually makes a bit of sense, the kid is getting all these animals as gifts, and each animal keeps having a baby - so it becomes a multiplication book, of sorts, and goes well past 10, which is nice. my son also thinks it's fun! he much prefers this one over the 'abuelita fue al mercado' one. i also took it to their preschool class to read, and they all had fun making animal sounds and counting - and finally, an important point, it's well written and the spanish is good.