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Alice aux pays des merveilles

Charlotte a. hu |

Reading this for french class: bonne chance

This is such a fun story and so it makes french class more fun! my teacher is flexible and has permitted me to read what i choose and ask questions via email. of course, this approach would never work in a classroom, but its an online course, so its not a problem. the text is admittedly difficult for a 1st time french reader, but actually, not impossible. i use google translate to tell me words i don't understand as i'm too lazy to dig through a paper dictionary and too cheap to buy an electronic dictionary. this is good starter for someone who wants to learn to read french. good luck! bonne chance!

Philip |

Interesting story while learning the french language.

A book that is a little above my french language skills, but i give it five stars because one must challenge themselves if they are going to learn the language, and that is what this book does. with the help of a french dictionary, i always feel good when i put the book down and walk away with the knowledge that i got the general meaning of what i was reading. great way to increase one's vocabulary.

Robert sumner |

You can read a book a whole lot of ways, including one page at a time ...

Why read at all if you can't read alice in wonder... i mean, alice aux pays des merveilles using original french? =-) and that's precisely the sort of question i've been asking myself ever since i began to try to read this book. months into the task, i'm on page two if it matters, although i return to page one on some occasion. so, more recently, i got the merriam-webster dictionary for my kindle so that i could progress to that second page. it's all right -- i'm a leisurely reader and confess to have reached other pages, but for the record, i fear i've been less faithful to alice than to pays des merveilles ...