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Alice in Wonderland

P. brennan |


This book is absolutely beautiful. i got it for my 3 year old niece for christmas and i can't wait for her to open it. the illustrations are gorgeous and the pop-ups are amazing. it might be a little delicate for someone so young but i'm hoping her parents see to it that she takes care of the book. i would love to get her more of the series. i

Benjamin l. |

This book has not lost it's muchness!

I absolutely love these annotated books! i actually met martin gardner the guy who did the annotation. great guy! the most knowledgeable guy on alice out there. he also was a master mathematician and puzzler! martin sure gives great insight in to the time period of when the book was written and in to the author. many of the lines and jokes in alice are lost because of the time period change. this annotated book gives great perspective and brings these little gems back to life. this book is an absolute must!

Fermin marquez |

Very well-written timeless book

I had read this book when i was seven and now that i am fifteen i read it again and i liked it even more. i absolutely love it. i strongly recommend it.