Brand : Lewis Caroll

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass (Children's Illustrated Classics Series)

Michelle r. houston |

Biggest hit gift of the holiday season

I bought three of these as gifts for little girls. each parent has commented multiple times to me on how gorgeous they are and how much the kids love them. i will buy them a different sabuda book each year.

Lawrance bernabo |

No need to "go ask alice" when you have the annotated one

Perhaps no other set of works in literature benefits more from annotation than "alice's adventures in wonderland" and "through the looking class." martin gardner, the author of a regular monthly column on recreational mathematics for "scientific american," provides expert commentary on all the jokes, games, puzzles, tricks, parodies, obscure references and other curiosities with which lewis carroll saturated his writing. that means that you will find out who was the original model for the chesire cat and how the "jabberwocky" poem translates into french. actually, the definitions of all of those strange words in "jabberwocky" is quite a load off of my mind. besides, this edition also contains the full text of each tale, together with all of the original sir john tenniel illustrations in their proper places. the annotation runs concurrently with the text and gardner also provides an introduction that covers both the story of how the books came to be written and some of the most interesting analyses of carroll's works, such as those always fun freudian interpretations. the bottom line is that either one of these books gets 5 stars by itself, so when you put the two of them together and add all this annotation, there is nothing to complain about. this is the perfect book for re-reading these books; i would never send anybody here for their first exposure to alice, but once they are hooked on carroll's sublime nonsense this will open up a whole new dimension or two (or three) of his work for them.

Madison t. edwards |

Graphic spin on a classic tale ar rl: 4.0 - ar pts: 1.0

Alice in wonderland in graphic novel style. great illustrations and a cool way to present a classic tale. this is an accelerated reader (ar) book. my kids have to read books and take ar test as a part of their reading grade so i'm always on the look out for a good ar book. ar rl: 4.0 - ar pts: 1.0