Brand : Jennifer Weiner

All Fall Down: A Novel

Jessica f. |

Emotional and accurate - great read

I love jennifer weiner, and this book hit a little too close to home at times. i remember when i was allison w., and i her story read a lot like mine. great book - definitely recommended reading - especially if you know an allison w!

Deanna markword |

Don't miss this book!

The best book i have ever read. it does not disappoint. thoughtful hopeful, intelligent, and a realness. 5 stars

Amazon customer |


Really great book- doesn't fit the stereotype and makes you laugh (and me cry). i really enjoyed it- hounding have to have a history of abuse or currant use- all it takes is a little bit of being human to enjoy this book. i think this book will reach people on many levels- from entertainment to identifying with the main character. took me a while to pick it up but once i did i couldn't out it down.