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Amazon Gift Card - Print - Birthday Pink Candles

Donna j. chase |

Amazon gift cards

For amazon customers and for their children or friends who do not know what to give for a holiday or birthday, amazon gift cards are perfect for the recipient. i request them every year and would rather pick out my own "gifts" since i have specific tastes and it's fun to shop with "free" money. highly recommended.

Momk123 |

Great gift to receive

Great gift to receive. you can purchase anything on amazon with it. as an avid kindle reader, this is great to use to purchase books for use on my kindle. all you have to do is record the code and any purchase will automatically be charged against the gift card before you are charged. it's almost as if the sender personally picked out a book for me. love getting the amazon gift card.

Dottie |

Amazon gift card

Easy to use. i was apprehensive about using it for the first time as i assumed it would be complicated. however, nothing could be easier. my purchase price was automatically reduced by value of gift card. very satisfied.