Brand : AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable, 3 Feet and 15 Feet, 2-Pack

Andrew wang |

Haven't had any issues with these cords yet. the ...

Haven't had any issues with these cords yet. the build quality seems solid and not made of cheap material. gets the job done well!

James wolfgang |

Good quality for photo display on hd tv.

Works great connecting macbook to vizio hd tv. wife uses it to do iewings of photo portraits for clients. helps sales.

Scott. b |

Fixed issues between samsung tv and yamaha receiver.

I was having communication issues between my samsung smart tv and my new yamaha receiver. at times sound would not come through the stb port or the receiver and tv would not communicate to each other when needed. although my previous hdmi cables were only a few years old i guess its safe to say they were out dated. these fixed the issues and the two devices now communicate with each other without any hiccups.