Brand : Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler: Yes Please (Paperback); 2015 Edition

Krystina |

I enjoy hearing about how amy got to where she is ...

Amy poehler is one of my favorites. i don't really know what i was expecting, but this book is hilarious. i enjoy hearing about how amy got to where she is now and all of the fun stories that came along with it!

Jenmcdan13 |

Proud to enable amy's online shopping addiction (her admitted reason for writing this book)

Although i love tina fey, when i read bossypants last year i wasn't thrilled with it. i think i got 3/4 of the way through it and quit, maybe finished six months later. it had such rave reviews and i felt like i was missing out. there were lovely little nuggets of wisdom and humor sprinkled throughout, and i enjoyed reading tina's story, but overall i wasn't as impressed as i wanted to be. but when tina's bff decided to release a book of her own, i couldn't wait to crack that spine. (funny thing is, a close friend of mine and i took a dumb online quiz and she turned out to be amy and i ended up as tina. which cemented our friendship for life, but completely makes sense to me as to why i love amy more than tina.) i was so excited to see what amy had to say... and i'm glad i did. she is honest, naturally funny (i don't picture her straining to come up with witty lines, although she repeatedly said writing a book was hard), and so damn likeable. loveable. she gushed on her family, friends, coworkers, allowed some of them to write chapters in her book... she's the reason i went back and gave bossypants a second chance. she is respectful to her ex-husband, will arnett, not divulging any details of their divorce (props for that!!) but mentioning him a couple of times, saying she doesn't count a ten year marriage as a failure, that she's so glad he's the father of her two sons, and even thanking him in the credits. amy poehler is a funny, beautiful, relatable, positive, humble person and i'm a better person myself for having read her book. i'm glad she decided to write it, even if she was simply looking for fast cash to support her online shopping addiction. i'm an enabler and proud of it.

Dora l. davison |

Yes, please. let's have more humor from amy poehler.

My nephew's wife recommended this book. i am so grateful i read it. amy poehler's take on the world and events is so funny and at times poignant. i loved her descriptions of the mothers and how each group was trying to out guilt the other. i have seen this happen and as a childless by choice person i sit in the corner and try not to draw fire. i really enjoyed her summary that we all need to be kind and that is the only way that any of us are going to make it through. i now wish that i had watched parks and recreation. i think that anyone with a sense of humor could enjoy this book.