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Anatomy Park

Ken james |

Squanchy stuff

I expected to dislike this show, but after a few episodes, i love it. if frank reynolds ever turned into a mad scientist and grew a foot or so, he'd be rick sanchez. the writers have nailed it with this guy's brilliant, quirky and call-it-as-he-sees-it attitude. of course at times he shows his emotional side and seems to sulk in regret. can't wait for the third season.

Countrept |

Best new comedy show in years

Really, nothing beats the clever writing and funny jokes. no show is up to par except south park. definately a classic. hope season 2 is just as or even better!

Michael tyler ryan |

Should you buy this? i think so.

Why should you buy this? rick: "what about the reality where hitler cured cancer?! the answer is, 'don't think about it.'" just do it.