Brand : Ancient Minerals Magnesium

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Bath Flakes 4.4lb - Pure Genuine Zechstein Magnesium Chloride - Bath Salt Supplement - Best for Topical Skin Absorption in Bath and Foot Soaks

Diane de baun |

Magnesium made into a spray

Thought i would try this as a magnesium supplement,(as a spray) found out it works excellent as a deoderant, though at first i had a nasty rash under the arm. stopped, used neosporin, when healed started using it again and never a problem. gave some to a neighbor who has terrible crapping in his legs that last and it worked immediately for him. now they always have it handy. not sure if he uses it daily as i recommended.

Kathy harmon |

Love this product

Love this product!! received the item quickly, and with no damage. i use it for detoxing baths and skin health

Marcia kirschbaum |

Great deal and everyone should be using magnesium oil

I'm use to buying this same brand - 1/2 the weight, at this price! great deal and everyone should be using magnesium oil. it is the most beneficial of all the minerals needed by your body. great for pets too.