Brand : Ancient Nutrition

Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein Powder, Turmeric Flavor, 20 Servings Size

Marko |

I'll buy it again

If you like the taste of chicken soup it's good. i love chicken soup so i enjoy it. plus it doesn't bother my stomach like dairy proteins.

Joe robinson |

I love the numeric flavor

I love the numeric flavor. mix it with hot water and it tastes great! i travel a lot and always have some with me. a great product. happy there is an organic version now available. dr axe's book eat dirt is fantastic and highly recommended too.

Cupcake momma |

Quality product, helped me stop making bone broth.

I began using bone broth last year after the onset of severe diverticulitus. bone broth offered me more long term healing than the prescriptions doctors kept offering me. after antibiotics to subdue the raging infection, i turned to bone broth and was very surprised at how quick it starts healing. my body liked it in more ways than one. i had made my own bone broth until i became weary of constantly finding bones to use, and constantly working on a pot of broth. (my family detests the smell of it cooking, too.) i recently tried this bone broth by dr. axe and i chose this one with turmeric to boost healing. i could tell this product is full of nutrition as the flavor is rich. the flavor of this particular one is more intense due to the turmeric. i made some cold and i made some warm and warm is the best. to cut a bit of the strong flavor, i put a tiny dash of stevia in the broth and i really liked it. thank you for creating a product which is quality, and saves me so much time and effort.