Brand : Angel Dear

Angel Dear Cuddle Blanket, Grey Elephant

Amazon customer |

Great product

Washes well. i washed with regular baby clothes on hot and dried with them and it came out looking like new- even though it says to wash cold, delicates. super soft without being chenille like.

Katrobin |


I received a set of three "a pair and a spare" pink lambs as a baby gift from a coworker who does not have kids. whomever gave him the gift advice was spot-on!! we first used one at a time, but quickly realized that it was much easier to put all 3 into rotation so that there was always a "snuggy" around whenever my daughter wanted it. she loved having all 3 at the same time too. one almost got lost in a store, but i made hubby turn the car around, and i quickly ran in and found it! one got the ear chewed by a friend's dog (that's the one she'll give to daddy now and tell him that's his snuggy...until she wants it back.) somehow one did actually get lost, but it may still turn up in a basket of unfolded laundry one day.... recently one got left at a cousin's house on an out of town trip (they're mailing it back to us.) so at this moment, there is actually only 1 snuggy left at our house. i'm thinking about buying another one, or even a pair "just in case." our daughter is 3 1/2, and doesn't always need her snuggy like she used to. in fact she'll even go to sleep without it, so i know she's growing up. but maybe daddy and i need a couple extra snuggy's around. ya know, just in case!

Pathrabbit |


My son is now seven months old and will not sleep with out this blanket aka "woof woof". it's the perfect size for his little hands to hold on to and he is always really excited to see it. i am going to purchase another as an insurance policy =)