Brand : Frank McCourt

Angela's ashes: [screenplay]

L. wallach |

Fascinating, moving, and disturbing.

I listened to the unabridged version of this book during commuting, and longer trips home, etc. i think the added value of hearing frank mccourt in his own voice is tremendous! you get a true flavor from his impersonations of all the characters, you hear him sing the songs is drunk father sung to him, hear him chirp out the obedient calls to stearn teachers, etc. you can tell from the many reviews here and elsewhere in the press that the book is a great one. it truely brings home the horrors of growing up in extreme poverty, and all it brings, including sickness, ignorance, etc. but growing up in it you have little perspective to judge how horrible your situation is, so mccourt doesn't whine about it, rather accounts for it in almost a matter-of-fact way. the horrors speak for themselves - louder than any editorializing could ever do.


I met him

H. aschehoug & co published angela's ashes in norway last year. mr. mccourt visited norway in august, and he attended a meeting with norwegian bokksellers. it was a fantastic meeting, an unforgettable moment. i just want to thank him for his wonderful book, and his outstanding storytelling. |

It is truly a great novel! everyone needs to read this!

From the moment i picked up the book, frank mccourt stole my heart. i could really feel the heartache of a small child faced with situations that the characters live. coming from an irish family, i understand what my grandmother went through growing up in america with irish immigrant parents.