Brand : Anker

Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 Ultra-Slim Portable Data Hub with 12W Power Adapter for Macbook, Mac Pro / mini, iMac, XPS, Surface Pro, Notebook PCs and More

Euler |

Working good so far

Working good so far. it has micro usb for power adapter. i hope this will provide sufficient power dvd player and external hdd.

A. horvath |

This product is 'slim' so easy to store

Have not stress tested the product but so far it satisfies my usb expansion needs/requirements. my surface pro has only one usb port. needed to connect multiple usb devices simultaneously including an external display/lan adapter which it handles well enough. a pro/plus is that for additional external power it can draw from an external source via a standard usb cable. this means that if/when 110 volt power source is not available, it can still be powered from an external aux battery source used to power/charge phones. this product is 'slim' so easy to store. i've used two external usb hdds but did need external power to do so. i recommend the product.

Didenko |

Chipset info

Great form factor, updated chipset. as shown by system information details in macmini 2013: product id: 0x0813 vendor id: 0x2109 (via labs, inc.) version: 90.01 speed: up to 5 gb/sec manufacturer: via labs, inc. current available (ma): 900 (read without power supply plugged in)